Vital Pointers for the First Time Tourist


Going on a vacation to a foreign country can pose some major problems if you do not make the proper preparations. You can be exposed to a whole new world where you cannot understand a single word, the food may be too spicy for your sweet tooth, and the weather may be way too hot from what you have expected. To avoid these inconveniences and to be an empowered traveler, you should do some research and preparations before taking aboard to your long-desired destination.

Learn How to Communicate

photoTake on the dictionary and look for translations of such common words as ‘thank you,’ ‘you are welcome,’ ‘good morning,’ and other words that will make you appear that you are respectful. This will trigger you to make friends with the locals and will help you communicate, at least in some ways.

The use of sign language is extremely necessary for such scenarios when you are talking to a local who does not understand any word that you are speaking. Always make sure that these sign languages are universally accepted, or you may be in a hostile ground.

Hiring a translator, in this case, will not be a logical option. Instead, you search for mobile apps, which can translate words for you. You can actually find friendly locals who are very willing to teach you basic words for free.

You should also bear in mind that communication is a two-way process. If you are a fast and nasal speaker, you can talk slower and make your words clearer by not being too nasal.

Know Their Taboos and Ordinances

There may be some practices that are normal to westerners but are considered taboos by the locals. When in a location where you see no one in skimpy bathing suits on the beach, it will be wise to wear short pants and a thin sleeveless shirt. Maybe the locals are not used to it. You will be glad that you are not the cause of distraction. Try to research their norms and mores, so you will not commit any act that is not in conformity with these standards.

It is always good to know some of the ordinances of the place. This will ensure that you will not have any legal problems in the future. You may encounter some peculiar and ridiculous laws, but you have no other option but to follow them.

touristStay Interested

Always show that you are interested in everything that is prepared for you. Never show remorse or dissent, or you will be left out from friendly services. For a first-time tourist, the best way to build a friendly relationship with locals is always to show your interest in whatever they have for you. It is still advisable to make friends anywhere and show that you are respectful and decent. Never be rude, or you will be treated the same.