Must-Have Items When Traveling in Case of a Car Accident


We cannot always assure to prevent accidents from happening when traveling. Unfortunately, a considerable number of drivers, new and old, continue to have car accidents. Some people are victims of a hit and run, and if you are one of them, you should definitely familiarize yourself with more details on this topic.

Regardless of the analysis and training on the best way to drive a car, there are still several operators who have no idea what to do in a car accident. While some people now believe that the minutes after a car accident are the most important from a collision and insurance perspective, it is also necessary to prepare for the prospect of an accident, most especially when traveling. 

The problems that arise are significant to a prepared driver. Any one of them can have something to do with how long an accident will last. By keeping these items in your glove compartment or trunk every time you hit the road, you can reduce the frustration and confusion that often accompanies a car accident. 

Insurance Evidence

Even when you visit those places that don’t require evidence, it’s a great concept to keep it in the glove compartment, as it contains information you might need in the event of an accident. Most proofs of insurance contain your car insurance policy number and the phone number to contact the insurer’s claims department. The police officer may also need it to complete his or her police file.

Cellphone Camera


After a car accident occurs, you may choose to have photos of this show of the collision and damage to the vehicles/property involved. Great photos can help insurance representatives get a much better idea of how the accident occurred and the severity of car damage in the aftermath. Having good images can also prevent litigation and fraud in the following situations: 

  • They can confirm vehicle areas if cars are moved before police arrive at the scene.
  • They can validate license plates if the driver of another car tries to follow them immediately after the accident.
  • Photos of this damage can isolate the damage as a result of this injury in case another driver tries to keep the previous damage from your car as well.
  • Photos can also protect you from the auto shop trying to aggravate the damage to your vehicle to get more money from the insurer.

Notepad and Pen

pen and paperWhile they may seem like simple tools, a notebook and pen can be enormously vital in the event of an accident. In most accidents, the driver only takes a few moments to write down the accurate details of what happened. To prevent this from happening, you should take notes with pen and paper. Below is a list of information that you need to take down:

  • Name and contact details of the other driver.
  • Details about how the accident happened (location, events leading up to the accident, damage to both cars).
  • Contact details of any witnesses who saw the damage.

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