Welcome to Rack and Reel Outfitters

Welcome to Rack and Reel Outfitters
a hunting and fishing guide service located
in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina. We are fortunate to have been blessed with some unforgettable hunting and fishing experiences with family and friends over the years and now would like to share them with you, our guest!

Rack and Reel Outfitters was established in the fall of 2008, when two friends decided to come together to create a service that would offer people a memorable outdoor experience. Whether your passion is hunting or fishing, we are here to work hard to insure that you will create memories that will last a lifetime! We also offer the unique opportunity of a combination fishing/deer hunting trip.



Matt Arey and Andy Montgomery are not only accomplished hunters, but since 2005 have been able to make a living in the professional bass fishing industry. Between the two of them, they have amassed over $600,000 in career earnings and have had numerous appearances on the Fox Sports Network show, FLW Outdoors. Matt and Andy share the passions and challenges of searching for big bass, pursuing the elusive whitetail, and calling in that big gobbler.

They look forward to bringing you along on their quest!